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A site audit is the
first step on identifying what might be causing any
performance issues on your online store, from a development perspective.

Express Commerce, as a company that specializes on
maintenance and support services for ecommerce platforms such as Magento, will deliver to the
first 30 merchants, a detailed
audit report of your site, including:

  • An inventory of configured extensions,including those that are currently running on the store and those that are just part oflegacy code.
  • A list of current code customizations and integrationsthat might be affecting performanceand/or functionality.
  • An action plan on the next steps to take for fixing your current problem, so your store performs according to the best quality standards within the ecommerce industry.


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Is your store running slowly, and keeping it away from achieving your sales goals?

We can help to identify what’s wrong with it-

More than 6 years providing maintenance and support on Magento stores that needed:

Certified Magento Developer

  • Upgrades to the latest version on the market. Currently we can help you to upgrade to 2.0.
  • To check and solve server and database log errors.
  • A database clean-up process.
  • Updates and constant monitoring of extension inventory.
  • Load testing and site performance enhancement.
  • 24/7 site monitoring and support to avoid server failure and overcapacity during sales season (e.g Black Friday, Christmas Eve, etc).

Find out why your store isn’t performing as it should GET YOUR AUDIT REPORT INTO YOUR INBOX

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Our Process Makes Your Life Easier


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Submit the website URL you want to analyze so our Magento Support team can:

  • Identify if load times or the store’s functionality might be affected by legacy code, outdated extensions or inadequate webservice’s integration.
  • Provide a step by step action plan that will guide you on how our team can help you out to solve these issues.

The Recipe for High Quality Magento Support

Certified Experience

We have worked on a wide variety of complex Magento Enterprise Solutions, including third party integrations and custom business logics.

Reliable solutions and service

Eliminate rework and over costs on your web project. Our solutions will achieve just that.

Empathetic and personal relationship

We listen and put ourselves in your shoes. Get something that truly resonates with your business and resources.

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